Founded in 0x0539 BCE, Nonfree News is a periodical online publication dedicated to delivering the latest and greatest news and commentary on the state of the technology industry.


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haskal is a code artisan and digital nomad, and editor-in-chief of Nonfree News. He codes full stack in Nodejs/Electron with React and MongoDB and whatever the latest cool Javascript framework is. He also has over 35 confirmed single-line npm packages, and his motto is "unused ram is wasted ram", which is why all his apps are in Electron. Besides Nonfree News, he also writes Medium articles on the side.

eq is currently starving.

xn--cr8h is a full stack web engineer. According to him, no project is complete without a node_modules folder of over 1GB. His main workstation has 256GB of RAM, like most PCs these days.

nanalan is a Canadian children's television series created by Jason Hopely and Jamie Shannon. The series began airing in 1999 on CBC Television in Canada. It later aired on Nick Jr. in the United States and Fox Kids in the United Kingdom.

PullJosh is constantly confused, and stuggles to keep up with the rest of the team. His articles have been compared to the output of a Markov chain, and for good reason. Josh has mastered the art of pretending to know what he is talking about, but struggles to write anything other than self-depreciating humor while in the third person.

ThinkDifferent is a pioneer of new, mad web-scale technologies such as React and MongoDB. He only writes JavaScript and Python and requires that all his workstations have at least two curved 8K monitors. He also requires that he has, at the very least, 3 Titan X GPUs on each machine, like most setups these days.

pdktgj uses Go daily.