Qt Company Releases New World-Record 200TB SSD

The Qt Company, known mostly for its Qt GUI framework, stepped into the hardware space for the first time today with its Qt Store 100 and 200 solid-state drives.

The drives, with capacities of 100TB and 200TB respectively – the latter setting a world record – are meant to “drive the industry forward,” according to Qt Company CTO Lars Knoll.

At a press conference in New York City, Knoll clarified the company’s intentions with the drives. “Storage is getting bigger, but it’s not big enough,” Knoll complained. “The Qt team has been struggling to add new features to the SDK while keeping it small enough for consumer use. Unfortunately, ‘small enough for consumer use’ is too small for us.”

Knoll cited a number of complaints stating that the Qt development environment was inconveniently large. “Imagine a world where nobody complains if your program is bigger than Microsoft Windows,” he told the audience. “That’s the kind of future we’re striving towards.”

Pricing is currently unavailable, but the drive will come in the 3.5-inch form factor, with Qt’s signature green and bevelled corners.

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