BREAKING Mozilla Announces ‘Firefox Brainfuck’

Today, Mozilla has announced a new version of Firefox for Brainfuck. “We couldn’t find a way to further optimize the old programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript any more, so after much consideration, we decided to switch to Brainfuck,” a developer at Mozilla stated. Afterwards, a coworker corrected him, “HTML and CSS are not programming languages.”

Firefox Brainfuck will run Brainfuck instead of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and the entire web browser is programmed in Brainfuck. The new Brainfuck browser is 70% faster than the old one. Apple has made their website compatible with Brainfuck and now it only takes 20 seconds to load instead of 40.

A public beta is available for download on GitHub, and many users enjoy it. One anonymous commenter wrote “The pages load so much faster! I don’t have to wait for 100 JS libraries each time I load a new page.” Another user wrote “Now all we need is a Brainfuck backend.”

Nonfree News asked Professor Brendan Oak, CEO of Mozilla for any comments, to which he replied “+[------->++<]>­.+.-.-------­-.++++++­++++++.-----­--------..

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