Developers Find JavaScript Too Difficult To Use

Employers are reporting a growing trend among their employees; They find that JavaScript too difficult to use in the ever-growing tech industry.

“I can’t make the cat move backwards, even when I use the {move x steps} command” Richard Autz, a long time JavaScript user, claims. “At least [] equals 0.”

In a recent survey conducted by Google, 102% of their employees agree that JavaScript is too difficult. Google proposes a solution, Google Blockly™ Web, described as “an advanced JavaScript library-matrix designed to simplify web cross-development.”

Google Blockly™ Web is the future of web development. After you agree to the TOS, you can add Google Blockly™ Web to your web application in minutes. Google Blockly™ Web will automatically convert the outdated JavaScript code in to the advanced Google Blockly™ block language. Google Blockly™ also comes pre-installed with Google AdSense™ technology to improve the functionality of Google Blockly™ over time.

However, some developers aren’t on board with Google’s new technology. Wilma Fickena, developer at Buzzfeed, states “Google Blockly™ doesn’t work unless there is a constant Internet connection, and when I have a connection, Blockly™ is constantly pinging 128MB to Google Servers.” Google developer Mike Hunt responded to this issue with “Thank you for this information. We hope to resolve this issue within 10-34 business days from today.”

Google Blockly™ Web continues to gain popularity, and it is estimated that by 2019, all websites on the Internet will be using Google Blockly™ Web.

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