BREAKING Popular Calculator Program “Python” Proved Turing Complete

After years of intense research by the world’s top computer scientists, the popular calculator program “Python” was proved to be Turing complete.

Python is a program that allows users to easily open up a prompt by typing python in their terminal, and then quickly calculate the results of mathematical expressions such as 2 + 2 and 4 - 1 without needing to go through complex GUI-based calculator applications.

However, this week, computer science researchers from the Witty Institute of Technology (WIT) made a shocking and groundbreaking announcement: Python is in fact, Turing complete.

Many esoteric things have been proven to be Turing complete in the past, from Microsoft Powerpoint presentations to Magic: The Gathering to C++ template metaprogramming. Now, Python gets to join the ranks of these strange Turing complete systems.

It’s important to note, though, that the researchers only proved that Python 2 has Turing completeness. Python 3 is not Turing complete due to its inability to emulate Python 2.

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