Local Developer Distro-Hops Four Times In One Weekend

“It all started out when I saw one of my friends using KDE Neon,” reports Bruce Woodward, a local developer who ended up switching Linux distributions four times last weekend. “I was determined to try out some other distros for a while to see what all the hype was about.”

Upset with the level of configuration required for his i3 + Arch install, Woodward decided to compile Chromium from source to do some research on other Linux distros. “First, I installed KDE Neon, and it was fantastic, until I started having trouble getting Eclipse to work,” he says. “Then, I spent an hour downloading and writing ElementaryOS to a flash drive. I booted it up, but decided against it before installing it. The resemblance to Mac OS was intimidating. I felt mocked for not paying outrageous amounts of money for a MacBook.”

After Woodward’s failed attempt to install ElementaryOS, he decided to go with a tried and true Debian install. However, he didn’t feel happy with the lack of updated packages in the stable repositories. “Debian felt like something out of Wargames rather than a modern 21st century operating system.” So, he decided to use Mint with KDE, which he says, “felt a lot like KDE Neon without all the hiccups.”

While using Mint however, Woodward had a sudden realization: “Everything is where it should be and just works. I don’t want it to just work! This is too easy!” So, Woodward went back to the internet and searched for yet another distro to install. At press time, Woodward was halfway through setting up Plan 9 on his machine.

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