BREAKING LibreOffice Chooses Poop Emoji for New Mascot

“After multiple rounds of community feedback, the LibreOffice design team has chosen the poop emoji as the official LibreOffice mascot,” a representative from The Document Foundation announced on Wednesday. “We appreciate the helpful voting and comments we received from the LibreOffice community, and we made sure to take all of that into account when making our final decision.”

LibreOffice, a popular free software alternative to the likes of Microsoft Word and Apple Pages, has been deciding on a new mascot for the past few months via a community-driven mascot contest that included a round of voting on the submissions. After receiving hundreds of submissions for their contest, as well as a wealth of community feedback through voting and comments, they have finally decided to trash all the submissions and use the poop emoji instead.

“We feel like this is the best decision for the community,” explains Kristin Kirsch, a member of the LibreOffice design team. “We receive a lot of design submissions, some that clearly had a lot of effort put into their design. But there were some problems. Ultimately, the core design team didn’t like any of the submissions, which is why we decided to throw them all away, especially ones at the top of the popular vote. It’s clearly in the community’s best interest to go with whatever the team wants, even if it goes against the vote.”

The mascot the design team decided on was the ubiquitous poop emoji (💩). It’s an icon they said was sufficiently unique, memorable, and accurately represented the LibreOffice brand.

At press time, The Document Foundation had reached out to the FCC for tips on discrediting community vote results.

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