BREAKING SpaceX Successfully Lands Man On The Sun

Monday’s livestream had SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announcing that SpaceX had successfully landed a man on the sun. This follows the hugely successful launch last Friday.

Musk told reporters that SpaceX had made history. He told livestream viewers on Monday that “We [SpaceX] have become the first organisation on Earth to land a man on the sun,” continuing that they decided to land the spacecraft at night - a true “stroke of genius” by Musk - as to make sure no astronaut gets sunburnt during landing.

Following the landing a large celebration occurred. “It was incredible, we were all so pleased with how it turned out”, Lead Rocket Scientist, Dr James Kenny, told Nonfree News. “Admittedly it wasn’t all me, it was mainly our founder, Elon Musk. This incredible man has achieved so much for this world, and he is now planning to create a railway between the Sun and the Earth.”

Last week’s recently leaked document, which states that Tesla are planning to launch a new product line powered by fusion from the sun’s core, has yet to be confirmed by Musk himself.

Musk is the first non-British person in history to be listed on the United Kingdom’s Honours List. He is reportedly listed for both his work in pioneering space technology and also his philanthropy and charitability. This follows recent reports that Musk has provided many opportunities for immigrant workers who helped build the SpaceX rocket and matching landing pod for Monday’s launch.

At press time, Musk denied any association with illegal Mexican immigrants and opted to tell Nonfree News more about his work on flying cars.

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