Slack Announces Updated Desktop App Based On Unreal Engine 4

During a press conference on Monday afternoon, the popular company messaging platform Slack announced that they would be completely rewriting their desktop app in Unreal Engine 4, a popular game engine.

This move was to boost performance and make the program more lightweight, Slack Technologies CEO Stewart Butterfield explained. “So far, we’ve managed to achieve up to 60% less RAM usage with our new solution,” Butterfield told a large audience on Wednesday. “We also made this transition to implement a couple of 3D animations that we’re sure our users will love.” Butterfield did not explain why these animations had anything to do with their instant messaging program.

“We’ve also hit a huge milestone with this new version of Slack,” Butterfield excitedly said. “The Slack desktop app is now light enough to be run on computers with less than 4GB of RAM.”

“This is huge,” he exclaimed, as someone wheeled a cart full of PC parts onto the stage. “I’m going to build a PC right here so you guys can see with your own eyes that this PC only has 2 gigabytes of RAM.” After inserting the AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU and Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti GPU, Butterfield held a single 2GB stick of RAM up to a camera, then placed it into the motherboard. He then inserted a hard drive with Windows and Slack preinstalled, then put everything together and powered up the PC.

“See? SEE? It totally works,” Butterfield exclaimed, demoing Slack without the slightest amount of lag on a system with a mere 2GB of RAM. “This is a breakthrough. Now people can communicate with a mere 2 GB of RAM. This has never been done before.”

When asked why they made this change, Butterfield told Nonfree News “We finally got around to reading customer requests, and the number one request was better performance with less RAM. Apparently there are people who don’t have 32GB of RAM - a bit odd, but we listened anyway.”

Slack says they will release a public beta in the next few months, and the final version will be released in the second quarter of 2018.

xn--cr8h is a full stack web engineer. According to him, no project is complete without a node_modules folder of over 1GB. His main workstation has 256GB of RAM, like most PCs these days.