We need more programming languages

The current number of programming languages in cyberspace is minuscule compared to all the other data, and in my opinion, this needs to change.

We’re already moving forward with coding languages. People have incredibly confusing languages such as Malbolge and Befunge, but also made stupidly simple ones such as Nihilistic, even impossible to read ones like Whitespace!

However, I think we need more of these.

Programming languages are not confusing enough. Malbolge was a step in the right direction, but we need more! We need languages that return things by creating functions! We need languages that mix other languages together, removing some functions and creating others! We need languages so utterly confusing that writing the words “Hello World” requires 186 billion lines of code! And most importantly, we need languages that can be easily understood and learned in less than a day! Only joking - those are pointless.

The coding community needs to advance and create more languages! It’s not enough! Not even half of an eighth of a billionth of the space available to us is used! MAKE. MORE. LANGUAGES.

And then we can sit back, relax, and laugh as the rest of the world tries to figure out how to code with our creations.

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