Soundcloud Rapper No One’s Ever Heard of Reportedly Upset Over Piracy

Complaining that piracy seriously hurt his sales and his livelihood, an area Soundcloud rapper that no one’s ever heard of before told reporters Sunday that illegal downloading was “a menace to artists and producers everywhere.”

James Harris is an artist who has been producing rap music on Soundcloud for the past 3 years under the moniker “MC Heavy J,” and he recently signed on to the Soundcloud-native record label startup SC Fire Beats Records. He claims that online piracy has been eating away at his sales ever since he started rapping. “Every time I drop a new dope beat, I know it’s on those mp3 download sites and The Torrent Bay or whatever. Makes me mad shook.”

Many popular artists claim that piracy actually helps them promote their brand. Many of the people pirating tracks would be unwilling to buy them in the first place, so piracy actually helps the music become more widespread, experts claim. Additionally, many popular producers use pirated software every day to create their music. So piracy has become an integral part of the music industry.

But for Harris, who has over 34 followers on Soundcloud, it’s a different story. “I need my raps to make money to survive. And like, when I see they aren’t selling, I know it’s those pirates making those illegal copies. Otherwise, like, I’d be a famous rapper making bank by now.” At press time, Nonfree News was still trying to completely decipher Harris’s slang.

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