BREAKING Github No Longer Using Git

In a press release last Saturday, Github CEO Chris Wanstrath told reporters that the company is no longer using Git version control to manage the site’s source code. “It’s just so difficult for our developers to remember all the commands,” Chris said, “and we’d rather focus our energy on what really matters: writing code.”

Although some were suprised by the announcement, Wanstrath claims the change was inevitable: “Nobody knew how to use Git anyway. We spent more time trying to fix merge conflicts than we did making real progress.”

“The only real downside to dropping Git,” Wanstrath told reporters, “is that Github’s documentation can no longer be hosted with Github Pages. Free static site hosting was a huge boon for us as a business.”

Many major players in the tech industry are following suit, opting to use Google Docs document history in place of traditional version control.

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