Free iPad Giveaways LTD CEO Accuses DHL Of Package Fraud

Solomon Okoje, CEO of large non-profit organisation Free iPad Giveaways LTD, who specializes in giving free iPads to people in need of them, has stated in a recent press conference that “any free iPads promised by us may not arrive” due to supply problems.

This comes following a recent surge in Apple iPad consumer demand. Okoje continues, “despite our best efforts as a legitimate business, our supply chain is unable to fulfill the needs of those who need iPad devices.” Multiple users have told Nonfree News that their iPads have not arrived, even after paying a ‘small’ fee of $9.99 for fast-track delivery.

In response, Okoje stated that “the devices have been dispatched, however our delivery service DHL may, in fact, be to blame.” He accuses DHL CEO Ken Allen of package fraud following the rise of complaints targeted at Free iPad Giveaways LTD. Nonfree News reached out to DHL, however the company made no comment.

Tuesday’s interview of Okoje, conducted by CNN, had the CEO denying claims of fraud. “We are not like the companies advertising ‘Hot Russian Singles In Your Area,’” he stated. “We are an incredible nonprofit run and funded by legitimate businessmen trying to do good in this big, bad world.”

Currently rumours are being spread that Free iPad Giveaways LTD is, in fact, a fraud, and the iPads they claim to have in stock are in fact imaginary, however here at Nonfree News, we believe that a respectable businessman, such as the likes of Okoje, are to be trusted with the utmost distinction, and are to be the target of our praises for helping out in an emerging world.

Have you been affected by the loss of an iPad delivery from Free iPad Giveaways LTD or rival nonprofit? Please contact Nonfree News as soon as possible for us to investigate.

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