Area Man Receives Smug Satisfaction From Buying Beer with Bitcoin

Last night, area man James Crypton purchased a beer in his local bar using Bitcoin. When asked about his experiences, James stated: “I love buying with bitcoin. It’s a great way to subtly remind friends and acquaintances that I am technologically superior.”

James told reporters that purchasing with Bitcoin was massively simplified in comparison to cash. “While my friends are digging around in their wallets for the appropriate bills, all I have to do is pull out my phone (being sure that I have the appropriate apps installed), type the correct price, generate a QR code, and position it correctly to be scanned by the bar’s iPad. By the end of the night, my transaction will almost certainly have completed.” James followed up by stating that purchasing with Bitcoin is “really a lifesaver.”

“There are plenty of things you can buy with Bitcoin,” James told reporters, “like beer, and other cryptocurrencies.”

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