The computer industry needs to move forward with RAM

My main workstation has 256GB of RAM. This amount of RAM is an absolute necessity to run my favourite Electron apps and read modern news websites. I don’t know how people can survive without this amount - which is why I’m surprised to see where the computing industry is today.

When I bought my MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, I was astonished to learn that it had a measly 16 gigabytes of RAM. Sixteen billion bytes. You could barely run the Slack desktop client with that much - how are you supposed to work with that amount?!

And that’s just on the higher end model. A cheaper MacBook will give you no more than 8GB - how are you even supposed to run NodeOS on that thing?!

In my opinion, the computing industry needs to move forward. 256GB should be standard on every machine - maybe 128 for budget PCs, but that’s cutting a bit close. Higher end PCs should have 512GB or higher - I’m planning to upgrade to 1TB of RAM in a while.

When this happens, developers will finally be able to use modern web technology to its fullest extent, and rebuild those legacy apps we’ve been stuck using for decades with modern frameworks. The JavaScript revolution will begin.

I honestly can’t wait for the JavaScript revolution. Just think - nobody will have to learn any other languages. Everyone could be using the same language for everything… I tried using another language the other day and it was horrifying. I couldn’t even add an array to a string. The horror!

Every serious programmer dreams of a future where JavaScript is the only programming language, and this dream can only become a reality when the computer industry grows some balls and moves forward.

xn--cr8h is a full stack web engineer. According to him, no project is complete without a node_modules folder of over 1GB. His main workstation has 256GB of RAM, like most PCs these days.