JS Framework Author Celebrates Project Success

The author of the new Javascript framework sl.js is reportedly feeling very satisfied with the direction the project is heading in.

Sl.js claims to be able to seamlessly connect website backends to frontend UI with powerful templating, virtual DOM, and websocket-powered data synchronization. The project, which has been in the works for the past 18 months, is finally gaining traction on GitHub and Hacker News.

“I’m really happy with the way it’s going right now, because I’ve put so much effort into this framework,” says the author of sl.js, a full-stack web engineer who recently graduated from the elite French coding bootcamp École 37. “It currently has over 57 stars on GitHub, which is the most I’ve ever gotten on a project. That’s like, super popular.” The author also recently shared his creation on Hacker News, where it received 100% praise in the comments and over 12 upvotes. Says one HN commenter, “This is becoming a serious competitor to ancient frameworks we still have to use like React and Socket.io, I’m definitely using this for my next SPA.”

According to its author, sl.js was created to solve the problems with other frameworks for full-stack Javascript apps. When asked why he created the project, considering the huge number of similar frameworks already available he told Nonfree News, “Other frameworks are just too slow and too hard to use. They’re all super old, and we need a new framework for webdev. I mean come on, it’s 2017! That’s why I wrote this.” Though when we examined his creation, the template system looked suspiciously similar to every other popular templating framework, and performance was only marginally better than React.

haskal is a code artisan and digital nomad, and editor-in-chief of Nonfree News. He codes full stack in Nodejs/Electron with React and MongoDB and whatever the latest cool Javascript framework is. He also has over 35 confirmed single-line npm packages, and his motto is "unused ram is wasted ram", which is why all his apps are in Electron. Besides Nonfree News, he also writes Medium articles on the side.