Popular Compiler Project LLVM Removes All Documentation

Popular compiler project LLVM has decided to remove all documentation in the next release, according to the lead maintainer of the project.

“Only 10% of the API was documented at all,” says the lead maintainer. “It was easier to just delete all the documentation rather than keep maintaining it with all our API changes.” Major contributors say “the API should be self explanatory for newcomers,” and that “they can always refer to the wealth of tutorial articles by online tech bloggers.” At the time of publishing, Nonfree News has found three such articles.

“After all, Windows is very successful despite having no documentation,” according to new contributor Ron M. “Maybe in the future, we can stop open-sourcing our tools and start selling individual licenses.”

According to a few anonymous contributors, the removal of documentation was not discussed or reviewed. Other developers have started a new fork. At the time of publishing, the project has gained 1,000 stars, but the only changes have been renaming the project.

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